7 Ways to Lose Weight Without Too Much Effort


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Losing weight doesn't have to be a stressful quest that leaves you feeling depleted and exhausted. It's about treating our bodies with love and care, then seeing the results we desire.

The following is a true and tried formula that you can use beginning today without drastic shifts in the way you live your life.

#1 - Get Enough Sleep

Poor sleep is associated with disrupted circadian rhythms, which is associated with insulin resistance, which leads to weight gain. Also, you may find that those moments spent awake late at night can create easier opportunities to snack and overeat.

Try setting a regular time that you get ready for bed and fall asleep. Likewise, set your alarm for the same time in the morning. Eight hours is perfect for your mind and body to recharge.

#2 - Bring Your Own Lunch or Shakes for Long Days Out of the House

Pack healthy options like fresh fruits and veggies and organic high-quality proteins rather than picking up high calorie junk food.

If I know I will be on the go most of the day, I pack sliced apples, carrots, and my favorite Chomps Jerky Sticks.  

#3 - Eat Smaller Meals, More Often

High protein, whole food, soluble fiber, and low sugar meals are best because they can help reduce cravings and keep you feeling full longer. Eating at a slower pace helps with digestion and can boost weight reducing hormones.  

You may also consider practicing mindful eating. It's a beautiful art that I've found important in my own life. Learn more about it by clicking here.

#4 - Drink More Water/Sparkling Water

Drink water rather than sodas, juices, and alcohol. Sugary drinks and cocktails are empty calories that can lead to putting on weight unknowingly.

Also drinking water before every meal can reduce calorie intake which helps with weight management.

#5 - Get Active with Friends and Family

Instead of meeting for lunch, plan a walk with friends, sign up for a workout class together, or schedule a calorie burning activity together.

Get out and move your body while being social. It not only will help you shed pounds, it will inspire your soul!

#6 - Drink Coffee

Coffee is full of antioxidants as well as many other beneficial compounds that support weight loss. A cup a day can help to curb cravings and boost your metabolism. 

#7 - Practice Intermittent Fasting

Restrict your eating to an 8-hour eating window. So, if you eat at 7pm don’t eat your next meal until 11am the next morning — fasting for 16 hours.

I love intermittent fasting, and I discovered having a cup of black coffee helps tremendously with cravings and curbing my appetite during my fast. I love the way it makes me feel, and I make better choices with what I put into my body.

Please consult your doctor to make sure it’s the right choice for you. 

Last Words

As you embark on your weight loss journey, make sure you nurture and love yourself. It will take dedication, of course, but it's possible to make the process enjoyable and the perfect foundation for a healthier and more inspired future.

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