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Luvey Founder - Casey Beau Brown

Why Luvey?

Hi Luvs,

I created Luvey to be an all-inclusive, supportive community for everyone. One in which we can care for one another while inspiring each other to be fully there for our children, partners, extended family, friends, community, and professional worlds.

Luvey is about the "Best. YOU. Ever."

We want you to be the best version of yourself that you've ever known. We're going to give you next-level tips and tricks to help you become your very best self.

Luvey is a safe and inspiring place where we can share our experiences, opinions, tips, tricks, and lift each other up. It’s also a destination where you can celebrate timeless fashion, design, and innovation.

We celebrate the fact that parenthood comes in numerous forms. Some of us have given birth, adopted, or are expecting. Others devoted step-parents and honorary parents to nieces, nephews, and our friends’ kids. Plus, many of us are moms and dads of furbabies.

We believe that nurturing ourselves and others is universal, timeless, and beautiful. Yet it isn’t always easy. We wear so many hats and juggle so many things… it’s a never-ending challenge!

This is why Luvey’s mission is so important. We all need support, and this is the place where you can come back time and time again for whatever your heart desires. We talk pregnancies, babies, toddlers, kids, self care, home, travel, wellness, entertaining, recipes, fashion, dating, marriage, love, sex, intimacy, and more. 

We’re multi-faceted humans seeking a healthy, balanced mindset — and we’re not afraid to admit our love for a hot pair of heels, a yummy shade of lipstick, and new tips/tricks for finding our radiant glow.

Please join us in this effort and to create a community that we can all be proud of!

Casey Beau Brown