Mental Frequencies and How They Shape Your Life


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The process of being a human being is not easy for anyone.

When you get down to the bottom of it all, a soul (which was once formless and ever expansive) is placed into the constraints of a human body. Each of us is pushed from the comfort of the womb out into the world — where we are instantly asked to trust.

To trust that the human beings we’ve been assigned to (our parents) are going to nurture, love, and provide for us. This is a frightening prospect, as we’re surrounded by strangers after being born. This is why most of us cry our eyes out when we’re born. It’s a shock to the system!

Inevitably, our imperfect parents/caretakers (who usually try their hardest) impact us with their words and actions. Whether positive or negative, their thoughts creep into our understanding of the world and we begin to reap the consequences of our thought patterns.

While one child is taught that they are beautiful and can accomplish anything, another is told he or she is worthless and will never amount to anything. And inevitably, a child grows to believe many of the things they are told.

We all create narratives (stories) that shape our lives. This is where our “frequencies” are created and maintained.

What Is a Frequency?

According to author Paul Selig, a frequency is the energy that surrounds a particular belief that you have. There are both high and low frequencies. When you’re operating from a healthy thought pattern, you’re surrounded by high frequencies, and the opposite is true when you’re operating from an unhealthy thought pattern.

For example, say you’ve entered a new relationship and everything is magical. Your endorphins are charged, and you feel as though you can take on the world. This high lasts for a while, but then reality sets in… you realize you are falling in love and you become afraid.

Your fear pushes you to begin doubting and fearing that you’ll lose what you’ve found. Before you know it, you’re doing things to push love away. You are driven by a low frequency that will inevitably lead to the destruction of your new relationship or to drive it into an unhealthy space.

Likewise, a low frequency could lead you to fall in love with the wrong person. Your limited sense of self and fear of being alone leads you astray. One day, you wake up realizing that you’ve completely lost yourself and don’t know how to make a much needed change.

The frequencies in our lives affect everything — our ability to succeed at work, innovation, creativity, health, and love.

They can either weigh us down or give us wings.

How to Adjust from Low to High Frequency Living

This is where things get exciting!

The first step to making any change is REALIZATION. If you KNOW and ADMIT you’re operating from a place of fear, you can begin to make adjustments.

One day, you may wake up and decide you’re ready to be free. You may realize that the only person holding you captive is yourself. You are the only being on this planet that can make you happy. You are the only person who can bring your creativity to life. You are the only person who can make you loving. You are the only person who can make the changes you need to thrive.

I was recently talking with a friend who suggested that “WHEN” she found the right love, she would finally feel as though she was supported enough to follow her dreams. Her life is a constant search for her other “HALF” to arrive and save her.

And who can blame her? From the time she was a child, she heard all sorts of stories about her “prince” coming to save her. One day her prince would come and wipe all of her tears and fears away.

There is nothing wrong with wanting her other-half to arrive (it’s a beautiful thing!), but what happens if her true love arrives and one day she wakes up to the realization that she didn’t do the work she needed to do — that her conditioning and past experiences in life are driving her into the same misery she felt when she was alone.

The secret to my friend’s success, according to Selig's frequency theory, is to fall in love with herself first. This will only happen when she fully analyzes her past, how she has been conditioned, and where she wants to go in life. 

Living from a high frequency means that we shift our minds and adopt the following train of thought:

I am now choosing to live in accordance with my higher knowing. I am now choosing to liberate myself from any low-level frequencies that I may have attracted or I may have created through my fear, through my trauma, or through any interactions that I have had that may have brought this into manifestation. I am Word through this intention to stand in my freedom.” — Paul Selig

Freedom is an active choice — in each moment.

No circumstance exists without our choosing. No frequency exists without our allowing it to be.

Making a change may mean letting go of a job, a relationship, or a way of being.

“You are free at a moment’s notice to give up an attachment to a negative frequency in any day or night. You are the one in charge of your knowing regardless of what you think through mandates that you have accepted to be true because you were not able to see outside the box,” further writes Selig.

The question remains, how free do you want to become? How positive do you want to be?

When you make the conscious choice to live a high frequency existence, things will change. You will smile more. Most importantly, you’ll be free.

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