5 Tips for Overcoming Your Fears


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As we dive further into 2021, I think it's important that we all take a closer look at what changes and risks we need to take to overcome our fears.

Being human isn't easy!

We've all been through our trials and tribulations, but thankfully we have each other and can find strength to push forward.

In the following paragraphs, we'll dig deep and discover methods for overcoming our fears.

#1 - Learn More About What You Fear and Dare to Face It

If you want to know how to overcome fear, the first step is to face it and try to make sense of it all.

The more you're able to understand what you fear and why you fear it, the better. A huge breakthrough is the moment you realize that what initially caused your fear is no longer relevant.

For example, if you're terrified of flying, you can use the following logic:

“With a fear of flying, knowing that the wheels will go 'bump' when they are retracted, understanding that it is normal to experience mild turbulence, and even peeking at the accident statistics for airplane flight (hundreds of millions of flight miles with barely any accidents), can really help,” says Jeff Guardalabene, a clinical psychologist in Portland, Oregon.

In other words, education and reality can help demystify your fears.

#2 - Learn How to Run a Cost-Benefit Analysis on Your Fears

The concept of cost-benefit analysis involves making a list of advantages and disadvantages (pros and cons) surrounding whatever you're fearing.

For example, if you're unhappy in a job or relationship, making a list of the pros and cons of the situation can be extremely helpful.

Depending on what you find, you may either realize that you're overreacting and need to stick around or leave and take a deep dive into the unknown.

The more logically you can look at a situation, the more you'll make fact-driven decisions for your future.

#3 - Use Positive Imaging and Visualization

As a child, do you remember allowing your imagination to take flight? You could make practically anything happen in your world.

Surprisingly, using this same technique and utilizing your imagination can create the outcome you desire and help you overcome paralyzing fear.

Substitute peaceful and reassuring images for ones that make you feel incredibly anxious. You may be amazed at how you can actually visualize yourself conquering your fears. Run these scenarios over and over again in your mind until your desired outcome becomes a reality.

#4 - Take Small Steps

Challenging yourself to raise the bar every day also means learning how to turn daunting tasks into bite-sized portions. It’s far easier to slowly work your way up the ladder than attempting to vertically run up each step.

If you have a deep-seated fear, you may consider seeing a therapist for guided visualization or hypnosis as your first step. A growing number of clinical psychologists report that these techniques can help keep you in a relaxed state, so you feel safe and secure while facing your fears.

#5 - Surround Yourself with Positive, Courageous People

We are truly the company we keep. If you happen to constantly surround yourself with people who are fearful of life, those fears will be unintentionally projected onto you.

Positive influences will inspire you to take the right risks at the right time, and you'll feel more emboldened to be brave!

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