5 Positive Affirmations That Have the Power to Transform Your Life


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As human beings, I believe we all have the power to make our lives joyful and meaningful. Yes, things will be difficult and trying at times, but through positive self talk and thought we can make our lives more fulfilling and joyful.

In my own life, I have learned that daily affirmations extremely important tools. I can use them at any time and in any setting to turn things around or literally set the tone for a beautiful day.

The following are five that I refer to most days — they are bedrocks for my enthusiasm and provide me the energy I need to power through life's challenges:

#1 - "Today will be an amazing day!"

This is a simple one, but we all have the power to choose to make a day amazing. Even when things don't seem to make sense or our fears are trying to get the best of us, declaring that "Today will be an amazing day for me and my family," makes a huge difference. It allows for good vibes to flow into my every thought and action, which I've been told can be felt by my loved ones. When I'm happy and having an amazing day, it inspires my husband and kids to do the same. Positivity is infectious, so dare to spread it around 🙂

#2 - "I am loved by so many."

Whatever you do, don't forget how lucky you are to have friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers in your life.

People are a gift from the universe!

Say thanks for your parents, brothers, sisters, friends, the postman or woman, your neighbors, and more. Knowing that you are loved and that you can show love to others fuels the soul and makes life worth living.

#3 - "I have so much to be grateful for."

When we open our eyes (I mean really open our eyes) to the world around us, we'll begin to see all the things we can be grateful for, like:

The sun shining in the sky, puffy clouds, flowers blooming, dogs, cats, health, the ability to breathe, the gift of sight, the ability to taste, a bed to sleep in — the list goes on and on.

Continually remind yourself of the beauty of life and life will love you back in ways you never expected.

#4 - "I'm in control of my life, thoughts, and feelings."

Sometimes it's easy to forget that we have the choice as to how we see our lives, how we think, and how we feel. We get rooted in certain mindsets that can lead to feelings of defeat.

However, we can embrace the truth that we all have the power to choose the directions of our lives and thoughts. We can choose the very best route and mode of operation at any given moment in time. Knowing this and reaffirming it can bring health to your bones.

#5 - "Everything will be okay and turn out exactly how it should."

I truly believe that most everything happens for a reason. Life on planet earth is about growth and becoming better beings. While things may be tough and sometimes trials may seem unsurmountable, we have the power within to overcome.

With right effort and perseverance, everything will be okay, and we will find the strength to come out as better people in the long run.

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