5 Amazing Benefits of Cupping


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There's been a lot of discussion lately about cupping and its positive effects on the body.

In case you're new to the term, it's a form of alternative medicine that originated in Asia. It uses suction cups on the surface of the skin and is often practiced in conjunction with acupuncture to help balance and optimize the body.

And yes, it’s true, you'll most likely have some dark marks on your back, chest, and stomach after a session due to the suction. They usually disappear in a few days.

To help you better understand what it does, the following five points will explain.

#1 - Cupping Increases Circulation

The suction from the cups increases circulation to where your body needs it most. Additional blood flow can help relieve muscle tension and promote cell repair. It can also do wonders to reduce the appearance of cellulite, varicose veins, and stretch marks.

#2 - Cupping Helps Release Toxins

Cupping gives your body a boost by releasing toxins that build up. Focused blood flow can flush toxins out through your lymphatic system to eliminate waste, which is amazing for your immune system and overall health.

#3 - Cupping Can Calm Nerves, Reduce Anxiety, and Ease Migraines

Cupping has been proven to engage your parasympathetic nervous system. This helps promote deep relaxation and can actively reduce stress levels.

Recent studies have also revealed that cupping can ease effects of migraines and even reduce your chances of having them.

woman relaxing during cupping massage

#4 - Cupping Can Help Clear Congestion and Help with Asthma

Cupping is amazing if you have asthma, allergies, or are sick. It helps break up and expel congestion. It also brings oxygen-rich blood and lymph toward your lungs.

To make this happen, an acupuncturist or natural healer will place cups on your back and/or chest. They will then gently push them upward to move your lymph fluid. It's amazing how effective it can be!

#5 - Cupping Can Help Improve Digestion

When cupping engages the parasympathetic nervous system, it also increases blood flow to the digestive tract and stimulates digestive organs. This can clear colon blockages and help your body's fluids move with ease through your organs.

Last Words

If you haven't tried cupping, it's definitely worth it!

The secret to your success is finding a highly regarded acupuncturist or natural healer who specializes in the practice. They will develop a customized treatment to meet your own health challenges.

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