7 Fascinating Kissing Facts (All Scientific) You Never Knew!


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There are few more blissful and beautiful moments than experiencing a wonderful kiss with someone you love.

While the main goal of smooching is to experience pleasure and connection, there’s a lot more than meets the eye when a pair of lips meet.

According to science, there's lots we should all learn about its benefits.

#1 - Making Out Does a Bunch of Amazing Things to Your Stress Hormones

A study at Northwestern University in Chicago discovered that the act of kissing releases a chemical that bonds you to your lover. The moment you first touch lips, your cortisol levels drop significantly. This is good for your mind, body, and everything in-between.

#2 - Kissing More Means Better Relationships

The moment you realize you and your partner aren’t kissing enough, is the moment you may feel as though something is wrong with your relationship. The Kinsey Institute reported in 2011 that men and women who kiss more tend to be much more satisfied with both their sex lives and their relationships in general.

#3 - French Kissing Is Good for Your Immune System

This may sound super freaky, but when you stick your tongue in your partner’s mouth for 10 seconds, you transfer about 80 MILLION germs between the two of you. This isn’t a bad thing at all. A Danish study found that this helps your immune system, so don’t be too afraid! Kiss more!

#4 - Your Kissing Style Is Established in the Womb

According to New Scientist, two-thirds of all people who kiss tend to tilt their heads to the right. Researchers are convinced that this instinct was developed in the womb.

#5 - Lots of Muscles Are Involved in the Kissing Process

A single kiss requires that you use 146 muscles – including 34 facial muscles and 112 postural muscles. A team of British researchers at the Rayne Institute discovered these facts using an MRI scanner. Kiss a lot, lot more and you’ll burn some major calories and tone these happy muscles.

#6 - Rats Supposedly Have a LOT to Do with the Art of Kissing

Scientists at the University of Tokyo have concluded that human beings’ desire to kiss descents from an ancient rat. Weirdly enough, mice and humans have a similar genetic makeup. These scientists believe a rat-like creature classified as Eomaia scansoria (this means “ancient mother” in Greek) would rub their noses together. By doing this, they would swap pheromones and signal desire.

This may sound like a stretch, but the theory has been accepted by many in the scientific community.

#7 - Kissing Was Once Banned in One Country

King Henry VI banned kissing in England to stop the spread of a much dreaded disease. This was done on July 16, 1439 — and it must be mentioned that the King had a mental breakdown in 1453. HIs wife Margaret of Anjou was given control of the kingdom, and luckily the ban was eventually removed.

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