9 Simple Tips for Living a Happy Life


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Just in case you need a bit of inspiration and some simple reminders on how to live a happier and healthier life, I hope the following tips will help.

#1 - Do What You Love Most

What makes you tick? What do you feel you were put on the earth to do? Try with everything you have inside to stay true to the deepest part of who you are.

#2 - Be Thankful

Being thankful for the numerous gifts you've been given in this life is everything.

Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to have people to spend time with, food to eat, air to breathe, and legs on which to walk. Practicing gratitude has the power to revolutionize your life and make room for even more amazing things to happen.

#3 - Speak Your Mind

Dare to be open with your thoughts. You are an important part of the human family, and it’s important that you have a voice. Don't hold things in and let them fester inside. You can do it!

#4 - Meditate

Meditation can help you get and stay on track — even if you spend 10 minutes per day to start.

If you're stressed, sometimes it takes a simple period of silence, meditation, or prayer to find centeredness.

#5 - Eat Whole Foods

Fuel your body with whole foods that make you feel amazing. This includes tons of fresh fruits and veggies, healthy meats and proteins, nuts, and whole grains. You may also want to practice mindful eating as you enjoy your nutrient-rich diet.

#6 - Spend Time in Nature

Take walks, try forest bathing, ride your bike, climb trees, walk barefoot on the beach.

There are so many beautiful options for enjoying nature. The more you connect with it, the better.

#7 - Think of Others

No matter how overwhelming life becomes, remember to show love and attention to your friends and family. Give fun little gifts, send a loving text message, and offer encouragement to those who need it most.

#8 - Laugh and Smile More

Dare to find ways to laugh and smile more. Watch a funny movie, spend time with someone who makes you want to LOL, and don't be afraid to be like a giddy kid again.

#9 - Be Yourself

Don't waste your time on earth trying to be someone else. Whenever you find yourself buying into the idea that you're supposed to fit into a particular mold or ignore your true essence, stop and make the decision to choose to be authentically you.

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