The Amazing Benefits of Using a Rose Quartz Roller


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I am a lover of using rose quartz rollers on my face every day. Not only is it a healing stone, but rose quartz is a crystal that is known for inspiring love and compassion.

This is beautiful because by rolling one over your face you're showing our skin all-natural love and kindness. It is also known to relax the body, purify energy, promote healing, and comfort the soul.

My Routine

I love using it every morning when applying my skincare and also at night after I wash all my makeup off.

I roll it on my skin for about 1-2 minutes at a time. When using the roller I start at the center of my face and move outward toward my ears and down toward my jawline.

The following are the benefits of doing this each and every day!

#1 - Reduces Puffiness and Tightens Pores

A roller does wonders for reducing puffiness and tightening pores on its own, but I love putting my roller in the refrigerator or freezer before each use.

It makes my skin look more refreshed and my eyes brighter and more awake. I love that it immediately cools my skin and shrinks my pores. 

#2 - Improves Lymphatic Drainage and Promotes Blood Circulation

The rose quartz roller helps detoxify the skin under the eyes, around the jawline, and the whole face in general. It makes my skin look more even and glowy. Thankfully, when we detoxify the skin, under eye circles tend to lessen as well!

#3 - Improves Wrinkled Areas and Fine Lines

Using the roller tightens the skin and works to improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It does wonders for the skin's elasticity and can make it look firmer and more toned to boot.

#4 - Supports Skin Hydration

My skin feels more hydrated and supple because the rose quartz roller inspires creams and serum to penetrate more deeply into my skin. It seems to lock everything in so nicely, and I can definitely see a difference if I ever skip the process.

#5 - It's Relaxing

When I roll the cool crystal over my skin, it feels wonderful. I find that it relaxes and calms my nerves, while cooling my skin. I find it so therapeutic.

Last Words

A huge benefit to us all is that rose quartz rollers aren't expensive, yet they provide so many important benefits.

My favorite rose quartz roller is made by Lekeemy. It's less than $10! You can grab it on Amazon if you'd like.

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