Spring-chic Decor Essentials for Your Home


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Spring is in full bloom, and today I am talking spring chic accessories that can liven up and beautify your home!

It delights me when my home is beautiful, carefully put together, smells amazing, and is super cozy. When choosing decor for my home, I always lean towards timeless pieces that can be used year after year.

The following are some beautiful items that you may want to consider implementing as you make your home more lovely, inspiring, and inviting:

#1 - Beautiful Vase of Flowers for Your Dining Room Bouquet

I think it's such a beautiful touch when there is a bouquet of flowers on a dining room table or counter top. Simple white roses in a crystal vase is a fabulous, tasteful, and easy accessory to add to your home.

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#2 - Delicious Smelling Candles

Everyone needs a delicious smelling candle in their home. There is nothing quite like walking into a friend’s home and your senses enjoying a beautiful fragrance. I love matching my candle scents to each season. Fresh floral smelling candles are my favorite during the Spring. My favorites are Voluspa, Nest, Jo Malone, and Manuel Canovas.

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#3 - Light Throw Blankets

A huge necessity all year around in my home are throw blankets. There is nothing better than a beautiful yet super comfortable throw blanket to cuddle up underneath. I ordered a few of these Barefoot Dreams Contrast Trim Throw Blankets for my home, and I love them! They are pretty and are as soft as can be.

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#4 - Statement Bowl for the Kitchen

I love having a bowl of lemons in my kitchen.  A statement bowl full of colorful fruit will liven up any countertop. I adore this White Ruffle Bowl! Fill it with your favorite seasonal fruit, and you're good to go.

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#5 - Spring Wreath for Door

I have recently fallen in love with wreaths! They dress up a simple door in such a breathtaking way and are so welcoming. This faux wreath is pricey, but beautiful and can be used year after year during the Spring.

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#6 - Fabulous Coffee Table Book

I love having an interesting and gorgeous book displayed on my coffee table. My brother-in-law gifted me a beautiful one about France in the 1900s recently. I love it!

Not only is the cover beautiful, but I constantly find my guests opening it and browsing through the gorgeous pages. It’s a bit costly, but it will never go out of style. You can't lose with timeless pieces like this.


#7 - Cheese Board for Entertaining

One of my favorite things to do when I have guests over is put together a meat, cheese, and fruit board paired with some wine for everyone to enjoy. I recently purchased the most adorable cheese board that works for any occasion. It’s sweet heart shape radiates love!


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