Reminiscing as I Celebrate My Five Year Wedding Anniversary with My Love

February 20th, 2016, five years ago today, I married the love of my life — my best friend, my childhood sweetheart, and the greatest man I've ever known.

I’ve never really publicly talked about my wedding and kept many of the details private, but decided it was the perfect time to share it with all of you now through Luvey.

It was spectacular, extravagant, and absolutely unforgettable. I will forever be so grateful to my parents for giving me my dream day to marry the man of my dreams.


We had a beautiful and romantic evening wedding at The Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Coast, Calif. surrounded by 200 of our closest family and friends.

My incredible mother Kelly, wedding planner Paula Laskelle, and her amazing team helped us plan every detail of our wedding seamlessly.

It was a magical night full of so much love — we had our good family friend and U.S magistrate Judge, David Bristow, officiate our ceremony. Twenty violinists led the way for both my step father and father to walk me down the aisle, in a one of a kind Zuhair Murad gown, to give me away to Sean. Grammy nominated singer, Sara Bareilles, sang my favorite song to us, “I choose you”, after we said our vows.

I cried my eyes out during the whole entire ceremony thinking, “I can't believe this is my life, I get to be with my soulmate forever.” It just didn’t feel real — it felt like a dream the entire time.

Our ceremony was sealed with a kiss and an incredible fireworks show over the ocean.


During cocktail hour, we had ice sculptures full of seafood and beluga caviar and vodka for our guests to enjoy while they waited for us. 

For our reception, the incredible Dodie Sy and White Lilac transformed the ballroom into a white floral winter wonderland. There were florals covering every inch of the room. They were all over the walls, hanging from the ceiling, and covering every table.  I'll never forget the smell when I entered the ballroom, it was magnificent!

I remember just being in awe the entire night. I was marrying the man I am so deeply in love with, in the most beautiful setting, surrounded by such incredible love, support, and positivity.

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The touching words of our family and friends during their speeches will forever be with us. We had the most romantic first dance together — we just held on so tight to each other. 

The wine was flowing, we enjoyed a delicious five-course meal, and danced the night away with the most fun live band. I changed into a Walter Mendez dress, and we cut into our 7-tiered cake.

Sean loves cigars, so we had a cigar roller making everyone their own cigars. Midnight snacks and desserts were available for our guests to enjoy after a long night of dancing. It was perfect.

Looking Back

Looking back on that day, I am so grateful, blessed, and thankful for that unbelievable experience.

I don't take lightly how fortunate I was to have a wedding like that, but even more than that experience, I don't take lightly how lucky I am to have married Sean.

He is my person, my other half, and the greatest love of my life.

He is my life partner, my closest friend, and my deepest love.

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