How to Transform Your Kiss


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According to a German psychologist’s recent research, 66 percent of men and women turn their heads to the right when they kiss. Why?

Well… to keep their noses from bumping of course!

While bumping noses and crashing teeth can be a major problem for kissers, there is much more than meets the eye.

Wendy Hill, Dean of the faculty and a professor of neuroscience at Lafayette College, found that couples who kissed for 15 minutes while listening to music experienced major chemical changes. Their levels of oxytocin (responsible for bonding) and cortisol (associated with stress) greatly changed.

Kissing can dramatically improve your stress levels and health, not to mention help you snag the love of your life.

Here are five ways you can transform your kissing skills:

1. Be Confident

A confident kisser always delivers the best results.  Be prepared with fresh breath, and the belief that you can transform the moment from so so to super-sensual. If in doubt, remember, if they’re kissing you it’s because they’re attracted to you, so embrace it. Listen to your partner’s subtle cues and know that pleasing them is the best confidence builder you can get.

2. Take It Slow

Sloppy, uncoordinated kisses are normally pretty awful. You’ll get a much better response if  you allow yourself to become sensual. Kiss slowly and take time to discover what makes you both tick.

3. Get Vocal & Physical

Being vocal can definitely steam up a kiss.  Don’t forget your hands too, they can make the difference between an average kiss and an awesome kiss. Slowly stroke your partner’s body—their low back, face, hair, and shoulders. Whatever feels good for you.

4. Mix It Up

When it comes to kissing, like anything, it’s best to keep things inventive. Beyond kissing your partner's mouth, remember there's a lot more landscape to explore — their ears, neck, back, and more! Enjoy the adventure of mixing things up.

5. Plan for a Lifetime of Kisses

Attitudes toward kissing can change with time. A survey of men between 40 and 70 years old found that those who kissed and cuddled with their wives or girlfriends were happier in their relationships.

Likewise, women who said they kissed and cuddled with their partners reported being more satisfied than women who kept their hands to themselves.

Just remember that kissing is such an intimate act. The more you get back to basics, the closer you will become with your partner. It can be the barometer of a healthy relationship.

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