5 Acupressure Points for Quick Relief from Headaches, Back Aches, Period Cramps, and More


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Need a quick pick-me-up but don't have time to treat yourself to a professional massage or take the day off for recharging?

Thankfully, there are Chinese medicine techniques that can help you on many levels. According to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, invisible pathways of energy called meridians flow within the body. We all have at least 14 meridians that connect our organs with other parts of the body. Acupressure and acupuncture points lie right along those meridians, and we can access them at any time.

The following are points that you can tap into right now to feel better:

#1 - For Upper Body Discomfort

If you are suffering a headache, neck stiffness, throat discomfort, neck and jaw tension, a toothache, a sore throat, or sinus pain, try massaging the fleshy web between your thumb and index finger. It is know as the Large Intestine 4 (He Gu).

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#2 - Stomach Issues

If you're dealing with nausea, anxiety, motion sickness, and/or dizziness, try putting a bit of pressure on the inside of your wrist. It also does wonder if you're pregnant and dealing with morning sickness.

Measure three finger widths from where your wrist meets your hand an apply medium pressure. The spot is called Pericardium 6 (Nei Guan).

nei guan

#3 - Exhaustion

If you're feeling exhausted and can't quite kick it, or for lowered immunity and poor digestion, try applying pressure to the spot four finger widths below your kneecap and one finger width outside of your shinbone as follows:

The 3 best pressure points to relieve nausea

When you press the point, you should feel a bit of tenderness. This will let you know you're hitting the right spot. Apply medium pressure for 10 minutes, if possible, for best results.

#4 - Indigestion

If you're suffering from bloating, intestinal gas, lack of appetite, indigestion, or a waning appetite, try gently massaging the space between your sternum and belly button. This area is called the Zhong Wan, and if stimulated can help reboot your digestive tract.

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#5 - Period Cramps

For menstrual cramps and/or pack pain during your period, apply pressure and gently massage the point four finger widths below the groove where your inner leg curves. It can be very tender to touch, so be ready, but this spot is known as Spleen 8 and can do wonders if you're suffering.

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