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Musings on Loyalty and Why It's So Important


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Loyalty is defined as "Giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution."

To me, it stands for commitment and dedication. It's a moral commitment we make when we really care about someone.

Loyalty is the strongest glue that makes a relationship or friendship last for a lifetime. It's the essential quality in any strong and deep relationship.

It's about having someone else's best interest at heart. It's sticking with them no matter what and protecting their hearts. It's about who remains true both in front of my eyes and behind my back.

Loyalty is a way of life — it's daring to stand by those you love and meet along the way regardless of how hard life's path may become.

People who are loyal, supportive, and trustworthy own a beautiful blend of sincerity, integrity, and respect.

A loyal friend cares and will always give you their honest opinion and insight. They are with you in good times and in bad.

They are loving, kind, and forthright. They will never turn their back on you, speak badly of you, or go against your best interest.

Loyalty is the hallmark of a truly amazing being. To me, it's the most important quality in a human. There is nothing more attractive than loyalty. It's pure devotion to another person.

It's following through with promises, keeping your word, and being endlessly reliable.

As we celebrate the New Year, may we mediate on the importance of loyalty. Dare to be loyal and surround ourselves with the loyalty we deserve.

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