Q & A Session: My Hair Pro's Tips for Strong & Healthy Hair


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I've been lucky enough to have connected with one of the most amazing and caring hair experts on the planet. She has been with me through so many seasons of life. I'm always amazed by the care and thought she puts into her work and the people she surrounds.

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Leah and Me

I recently held a Q & A session with her, hoping that she could open all of our minds to better managing and maintaining our hair. I'm hoping her answers will be as helpful to you as they've been to me!


What are the best ways to maintain healthy hair?


First and foremost, if you can afford to get your hair done, don't do your own hair coloring.

Second, make sure your hairdresser is not doing anything to over process or over proteinize your hair. This happens far more than necessary and it makes me cringe, especially on blonds who use bleach to achieve their light levels.

Next, ask yourself what your two biggest problems are with your hair at this moment. Those two answers will lead to a personalized prescription for your at-home haircare.

It's so important to select products for your specific hair type and hair challenges.

And remember, you and your stylist are a team and should work together to pursue and maintain happy, healthier hair.

If you have any questions on what challenges you face with your hair, make sure you ask your stylist. He or she can then give you the specific steps you should take, what products you should use, and more.

Luvey Hair Care Tips


Your hair is so long, thick, and healthy for a blonde! How do you keep it looking like That?


Thank you, that's so kind of you to say. 🙂 I literally obsess over my hair.

I've been in the business for 13 years and have played with bleach so so much, I pretty much have seen everything it can and cannot do. I've also learned how to repair my hair back to a point that it's strong and happy.

I am super low maintenance with my own hair as far as styling. I don't style it every day — you'll catch me more often with dutch braids or twirled up in a bun and a claw clip. I also eat a really clean diet and drink tons of water. I think that diet plays a pretty big role and it's something that should be talked about a bit more in hair salons and beauty schools.

I use heat on my hair maybe a couple of times a month, I never brush my hair when it's wet and I mean NEVER.

My hair usually is always air dried, once I air dry it I brush it then and one more time before bed. Brushing the hair bottom-up and then on the scalp to stimulate and create blood flow, which results in hair growth. I bleach my roots once a month with 20 volume and don't use toners. The toners I have found to be a bit more drying, so I do without.

Unfortunately, a cool blonde hair color goal cannot go without a toner nine times out of ten. But I'm so content with my buttery blonde tone, so I'm lucky.

I shampoo every 3-5 days and use a mask with each wash followed by an anti-breakage cream/thermal protectant and my go-to serum.

I also have a water filtration system in my home, which I highly recommend. Hard water can cause a whole lot of damage to your hair, scalp, and skin. All of these things alongside using such amazing products is where I have to give the credit.

I think that sums up most of my hair obsessions, haha! I'm happy to finally be extension free. Now if only people would believe it's all my real hair! 🙂


What is the fastest way to grow your hair?


You must keep up with your trims to get rid of split ends. We all have them!

I know it sounds weird or wrong... why would I cut my hair to grow it?

Well, it's so common we hear people saying “my hair isn't growing." Well that's impossible if you're coloring your roots every four to five weeks, right? Split ends sister!

Once they split they don't stop. Think of it like string cheese — split only the bottom in half and identify what's going on. It's eventually going to split more and more until the string cheese is split into two halves. THAT'S YOUR HAIR.

It's splitting up the hair strand higher and higher and it then snaps off about an inch from the bottom. This happens to be the same length as your growth. Coincidence?

So yes, your hair is growing, it's just breaking off from the bottom which is appearing to “stay the same length." Please do yourself a favor and get one-fourth of an inch trimmed off every two months.

I call these cuts, dustings, and I will always do them on dry hair. I believe stylists tend to cut too much when the hair is wet, which negatively impacts it.

This information will get you long hair in just a few months. I promise!

Luvey Leah Haircare


How do you feel about hair extensions, and which are the least damaging to the hair?


I love hair extensions because they solve a lot of problems for many people of all ages — and for so many reasons due to unfortunate circumstances. And let's not forget they make us feel super glamorous and sexy which is extremely important for self-confidence and mental health. That's the upside.

The downside is they ALL damage your hair.

I am so sorry but I cannot lie or sugar coat that. The least damaging method I would definitely say is the beaded sewn in the weft. I find the structure as a row is more supportive of the natural hair underneath as it grows out. I really wouldn't recommend any extensions on baby-fine hair, as it's just too heavy and damaging.


How often should we trim our hair?


Depending on your hair goals that could vary. If you have a cute short hairstyle and plan to always keep that look then I would definitely keep up my trims/cuts every eight weeks.

But, if you plan to grow that hair out, then we would trim or dust every two to three months.


What are your favorite hair products?


All things Kerastase!! I love all of their products for all hair types as I've worked with it all in my salon on a number of clients over the years.

Their products are very concentrated so they really solve the problem and work miracles. My favorite single product by them would be Serum Therapiste.

Aside from them, I love UNITE Seven Seconds Conditioning Spray, as well as Shu Uemura Ultimate Reset Mask. These are all really amazing products.


What are your favorite styling tools to accomplish a wavy look?


My go-to is the 1.5” Marcel Curling Iron by Hot Tools Professional. Following the curls, I love the Balmain Boar Bristle Brush to give the waves a really soft fluffy finish.


What are your favorite styling tools to accomplish a straight sleek look?


I have always used the HAI Convertible Flat Iron I love how it creates a really sleek look on a lower heat, the temperature dial is a must in my book! I have used and loved this iron for literally my entire hair career. It's super affordable too.

I love to finish a straight look with DAVINES “This is a shimmering mist." It smells like a sweet-tart too! Obsessed.


How often should we be doing conditioning treatments on our hair and scalp?


This is a hard one to answer since all of us have different hair types as well as hair history. I personally use a mask every wash, but that's just me, I have bleached hair, and I'm far from oily.

Unless you shampoo daily, toss the conditioner and get a mask to replace that. If you have time once or twice a month to do a leave-in, that should be sufficient. For those with an oily scalp, I wouldn't recommend that often, as it could be more problematic for you. Perhaps condition first, shampoo second.


What are your favorite hair vitamins?


In all honesty, I don't take them and never have! If you have your diet and lifestyle in check, I think it's enough natural beneficial nutrients coming straight from the source.


Do you recommend sleeping with our hair in a bun, braid, or just down and loose?

I think all of the above works great if your hair is in good shape. I switch it up. Sometimes I swirl it up with a claw clip, some days down — like when I'm air drying it from a recent wash.  I never tie it up or braid when wet or damp, your hair is at its weakest when wet). Some days I Dutch braid it and keep them in for 2 days. I think they all work well. Just whatever you do, no hair ties 🙂


What is the one product you can’t live without when it comes to your hair?


Ok, this is a hard one! I cannot pick one. I have to say two haha. Mask Force Architecte. Nothing makes my hair more silky and strong. And Serum Therapist, I carry that in my handbag everywhere I go.


Anything you want to add?


This was so fun! I really hope I can be of help to those in need of answers and factual information. I feel knowledge is power, the more you know the better we become.

I'm so happy to inform people of some of the misleading information out there. I'm happy to answer any more questions you may have in the future.

REMEMBER, your hair is no different than anything else in or on your body, you must treat it kindly and with love.

Xo Leah

Want to learn more about Leah and her world? Check out here Instagram here.

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