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Powerful Habits of Happy and Thriving Couples


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Successful relationships are an art. They aren't always easy, but couples that tend to thrive look at their relationships as they are an investment that keeps gaining in value over time. And as the years progress, they continue to be fascinated by each other and what they bring to eachother's existance.

I'm a true romantic at heart and always craved a partner with which I could grow. In my pursuit to grow closer with Sean, I love to read, study, and watch others. My goal is to gain a better understanding of how I can be the best partner I can be, and I'm lucky enough to have a partner who does the same.

I've noticed that happy and thriving couples tend to share certain habits, and wanted to share them with you. Sometimes we all need reminders as to how we can improve our relationships and light a never-ending spark:

#1 - Happy couples make their relationship their most important priority.

I've noticed that the most successful relationships tend to be those in which both partners always have each other's backs. They do everything they can to show their partner that they respect them, they prioritize each other, they work through their problems together and set goals together. They are united as "one" and defend/protect each other no matter what happens. They celebrate life together as a team and truly enjoy it!

#2 - They don't let friends and family get involved in their challenges.

Strong couples don't create drama within their friend and family groups. Instead of airing their problems to everyone, they sit down as adults and work through them.

Of course, we all have our best friends and it's important to have a support system, but if we're talking more to our friend(s) than our partners, there is most likely an intimacy issue that needs to be worked out.

#3 - They spend quality time together.

Making quality time for our partners is so very important, especially if you have children. Successful couples understand this and go out on dates — they make sacrifices and put each other first. They plan adventures together and explore new and exciting activities together.

It's vital that we get back to basics and remember the joy of dating. For it's in these special moments that we remember exactly why we fell in love with our partners in the first place.

#4 - They communicate effectively.

Communication doesn't always come easy, but solid couples are able to share their highs, lows, fears, and joys. They keep each other in the loop and stay connected. There are no secrets, and they're always open to dialogue about things.

And when they argue, they do so respectfully. And when their arguments are over, they do everything they can to express appreciation for the other person. They are grateful and thankful for each other

They know how to complement each other and celebrate their victories in life together. They aren't jealous or spiteful. They give each other the benefit of the doubt against all odds. This keeps the energy between them free, open, and even delightful.

#5 - They are emotionally, mentally, financially, and physically giving.

It's safe to say that a loving partner gives without asking for anything in return. They make time for intimacy and delight in surprising each other. They practice random acts of kindness.

Even when times are tough, they try to find ways to show each other they think the world of the other person.

Last Words

I strongly believe that every day we wake up, we should make a bold decision to begin our relationships anew. Over the next 24 hours, we have the power to let go of the past and pour everything we've got into being loving, kind, and passionate.

We all assume that we've got forever, but what if today was the only day you have? What would you do differently? How would you nurture your partner? What would you say?

In Buddhism, this frame of mind is referred to as the "Beginners Mind." It's a daily commitment to pushing the reset button and diving into the beauty of the life we've been given.

I think you can apply it to relationships and the most wonderful things unfold!

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