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My Secrets for Staying Connected to My Husband


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One of the most important strengths for couples is an emotional connection, a strong bond that holds two people together. We all have the power to improve our emotional and physical bond with our partner by making a more concerted effort to connect and make time for each other.

For Sean and I, we've realized that the secret lies in us finding special moments to connect, even in the midst of crazy and hectic days. It takes a second or two for our spark to be ignited, and we are given a concrete reminder as to why we have decided to spend our lives together.

These moments don't have to be planned or to take tons of time out of the day.

Thankfully, I have a partner who is willing to dive in and make an effort to stay engaged. As we navigate through life together, we make numerous efforts to connect throughout the day, and it makes all the difference in the world!

Here are some ways that we reboot our connection:

#1 - Physical Affection and Touch

Physical affection comes very naturally for Sean and me. We love to touch. We love to cuddle, hold hands, kiss, and hug. He enjoys back scratches and I enjoy neck and shoulder massages. Sometimes just the most simple caress of the arm or squeeze of the hand immediately unites us.

No matter how small or big, whether it’s for a few seconds or an hour, touching immediately connects us. It doesn't matter where we are, we are never ashamed to give each other affection.

One of Sean’s love languages is physical touch, so I always make sure to constantly love on him. I know this is a very big deal to him and so it's very important to me as well. I once heard someone say, “Having a successful sexual relationship with your partner is about staying in touch — literally in touch with one another.”

#2 - Time without Distractions

I love having our alone time together to have deep and meaningful conversations. Being able to check in and reconnect on a soul-level is so vital. It helps us better understand where the other is coming from, and we always seem to learn something new along the way.

My favorite time to connect is in the evening after the children have gone to bed. We love taking baths together and just sitting and talking about what happened in our day or what is weighing heavily on us. We also share what made us super happy and proud. Connecting on a deep level with no distractions is always amazing.

We also love to try new things together — whether restaurant or an adventure. Luckily, we love similar activities, so we have a blast together. It's both freeing and inspiring to get out together!

#3 - "I Love You"

Sean and I say the words, "I love you," multiple times per day. I constantly want him to know how loved he is and vice versa. There are so many things my husband does that make me fall in love with him constantly, every single day. By expressing my love and saying it, I know we are connected.

#4 - Complements and Expressed Gratitude

This is a big one for me! I always feel so fulfilled and connected to my husband when he compliments me or tells me how lucky he is to have me as his wife. He is SO good at complimenting me, it comes easily to him. I'm thankful for his pure and loving words. He’ll never know how much they truly touch my heart. 

It goes both ways, I want him to know how grateful I am that he is such an amazing husband, and he makes me so proud every single day. I want him to know he’s a phenomenal father to our babies. I am grateful to him for his love and support, the beautiful life he has given us, and the amazing things we have created together.

#5 - New and Old Memories

I love talking about our incredible memories. My husband and I have a lot of them, since we've known each other since we were seven-years-old. I love reflecting on our cute little experiences together as teenagers and the funny things we used to do together. I enjoy going back in time and remembering that puppy love feeling.

I also love being together and creating new memories and new experiences together. We've come to understand, together, that it's in our power to create amazing memories. We are the creators of our present and future life together. Realizing this is so important for making good decisions and getting creative along the way.

#6 - Laughter

I find that moments of laughter are hugely bonding. Sean and I make each other laugh regularly. A good giggle when a day is stressful can completely turn things around and relieves tension and stress. Good vibes fly everywhere!

I love when Sean belly laughs, it's so contagious and makes me laugh. It’s important to laugh because it brings such a lightness to the relationship!

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