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How I Keep My Kids Safe in the Age of Coronavirus


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I'll never forget the moment I heard about the Coronavirus and how vicious it can be for our bodies.

Of course, as a mom, the first thing I thought of was my kids and worrying about one of them contracting the virus. And then I thought of my parents — I was horrified at the thought of them contracting the disease.

Things shifted so quickly, and be for we knew it, we were all in quarantine. As time has progressed, I have shared with my children how important it is to take steps to assure everyone is protected.

The following is the protocol Sean and I have put in place to protect our children and anyone we come into contact with:

#1 - Wash Hands Lots and Lots Using the ABC Song for Timing

We try to make washing hands a fun experience. My children have gotten into the habit of washing their hands several times throughout the day for at last 20 seconds.

We sing the entire "ABC Song" while washing them to ensure they're extra clean.

#2 - Take Hand Sanitizer When on the Go

If we aren't able to wash our hands with soap and water, we use hand sanitizer with at least 70 percent alcohol. One of my favorites is CleanWell, an all-natural foaming hand sanitizer.

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#3 - Remind Them to Keep Their Hands out of Their Mouth and Off of Face

I'm constantly reminding my kids not to touch their faces or put their hands in their mouths. Rather than jumping on their case and making it a burden, I try to remind them softly and explain why it's important.

My hope is that beyond Covid-19 they will create a habit that helps prevent the spread of germs in general.

#4 - Sunlight, Fresh Air, and Exercise

We are trying to spend as much time outside in the fresh air and sunshine to soak up natural Vitamin D, as it's a must for a healthy immune system.

A growing body of research is revealing how exercise does wonders for the immune system and may literally be one of the best defense mechanisms against Covid-19.

In fact, one study found that an enzyme is produced when we exercise that protects against lung damage.

#4 - Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbal Supplements

Currently, I am giving my children a combination of vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements to help build their immune systems to prevent infections and viruses.

Since Coronavirus began, I've been giving them a mix of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, Zinc, Cod Liver Oil, Elderberry Syrup, Tumeric, and a multivitamin.

[Of course, please consult your pediatrician before giving them these vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements, and make sure you're giving them the proper dosage for your child's age and weight.]

#4 - Fresh Fruits and Veggies Are a Must

We've continued to eat fresh fruits and veggies with every meal. They've really learned to love the experience of eating them — and I've found the key to be not overcooking them. The fresher and more yummy the better!

This practice has also gone into snack time. Instead of giving them a bunch of processed foods and sugar, I chop veggies up.

I've really tried to limit their refined sugar intake as much as possible as well. Sugar is a huge factor where inflammation is concerned, and I hope to be able to impress on my kids the importance of keeping it to a minimum.

#5 - Disinfecting Has Become a Way of Life

We've been going the extra mile to make sure we disinfect doorknobs, surfaces, toys, books, handles, and almost everything we touch.

Before going to bed, we spray everything down with Lysol or alcohol to kill germs. We wait until the kids are asleep so they're not in contact with hard chemicals.

We also run air purifiers around the house all day and night. This includes the children's rooms.

#6 - Wear Masks in Public

There's been a lot of talk about masks lately, and when out in public try our best to wear masks. In my mind, if one life can be saved, it's definitely worth the effort.

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  1. The blog post has good pointers about safety measures but these measures won't work if you are still exposing yourself to so many people by going to maskless parties and dinners constantly with people that do not live in your house. You should not be partying during a pandemic!

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