Can Self-Hypnosis Help You Find Love?


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Still looking for Mr. or Ms. Right?

It’s no secret the search can be quite daunting. “Regardless of how hopeless you may feel, don’t despair,” says clinical hypnotherapist and author Colin Christopher.

In his book, Christopher asserts that self-hypnosis can be the ultimate game changer for love and romance. The practice has the power to tap into your subconscious mind where your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions surrounding love and romance are stored.

Just like any mental pattern that weaves itself into your world, limited thoughts on love may be keeping your soulmate from appearing. “All it takes is a bit of mental reprogramming, and the outcome can change quickly,” says Christopher.

The One-Minute Love Potion

He outlines the following process to transform your love life:

#1 - Pour yourself a drink and relax

To enter into a hypnotic state, it’s important to get as comfortable as possible. Enjoy your favorite drink such as tea, fresh juice, or cocktail in a quiet place. Take only a few sips and let your body become heavy and rested.

#2 - Envision the man or woman of your dreams

Allow for your mind to become very clear as to the qualities in a mate you are seeking. In a journal or notebook, write down what he or she looks like physically, mentally, and emotionally.

“The action of writing these things down helps ingrain the vision into your subconscious mind, which acts like a magnet,” says Christopher. Plus, seeing your desires on paper and reading them over and over again will help even more.

When engaging in this step, make sure your descriptive statements are positively framed instead of negative. For example, “My ideal partner will be an amazing communicator.” and not “I don’t want a relationship with a poor communicator.”

#3 - State what you deserve

Articulate your value and what you deserve as an individual. For instance, you can admit: “I am a beautiful person who deserves to meet the man (woman) of my dreams.” or “I deserve to be amazingly happy and experience deep love.”

You must believe you are worthy and deserving, otherwise you will most likely attract an unhealthy partner.

#4 - Add a physical trigger

As you are picturing your soulmate, rub your fingers together or gently tap your arm. To identify Mr. Right or Ms. Right in a public place or event, touch your fingers together to trigger your subconscious and recall the personal qualities on which you’ve meditated.

Repeat this process on a daily basis for best results.

If you would like to experience a similar process with the help of a trained professional, Christopher offers hypnotherapy sessions both in-person and on the phone.

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