5 Types Toxic People and Behaviors You Should Avoid


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It's no secret that some people are more inspiring and healthy to be around, but sometimes it's good to pinpoint traits in others (as well as in ourselves) that may be harmful.

The following are seven types of people you may want to avoid. Also, because we're all human, you may notice you perpetuate some of these behaviors.

The first step to any positive change is recognition, and reading the following may be a wake-up call that can completely shift your present and future for the better.

#1 - The Conversational Narcissist

Sometimes you come across someone who keeps interrupting you. Or, maybe a person talks nonstop about themselves, and it seems like they love the sound of their own voice. They rarely ask you questions and hardly ever wait for your responses.

This behavior points to self-centeredness that will rarely result in you being supported and loved the way you may crave. We all deserve to be acknowledged and heard.

#2 - The Straight Jacket

If you've had a relationship or friendship in which a person tries to control everything you do, you can bet it's not healthy.

In a relationship, this person will usually give you no breathing room to be yourself or have a life of your own. If in the beginning you resist their control, they will work harder than ever to isolate you and tire you out until you are in complete alignment with them.

This type of connection can lead any of us off course and even lead to loss of purpose. If you're worried this has happened to you, therapy may be a must for helping you regain your strength.

If you are doing this to a partner, it's important that you understand the reasons why. Maybe you fear loss?

Therapy is a great start to understanding why you need to be in control of another human.

#3 - The Drama Magnet

Some people are magnets for drama. There's always something going wrong, and they often look to you for sympathy and/or help. Then, when you give them the help and support they need, they rarely want to fix their lives.

In a relationship, Drama Magnets thrive off being a victim, and you'll most likely find yourself depleting your energy to help. These individuals most likely didn't get the attention they needed in their growing years or had a parent who exhibited this behavior by as the norm.

#4 - Emotional Moocher

You may become friends or get into a relationship with a "spiritual vampire" or person who thrives on sucking the positivity out of the air. They are rarely positive and tend to bring everyone else down around them in the process.

Beware, this mindset usually breeds calamity for this person and those who get sucked into their web of negativity. Plus, it usually rubs off on even the most positive friends and partners who spend ample time around them.

#5 - The Jealous and Judgmental Person

When judgement and jealousy rule a being, it can be damaging for anyone who buys into their behavior. Be careful when you become friends with or dive into a relationship with someone who talks about everyone else as being uncool, awful, and/or lacking. In a relationship, you'll quickly notice how heavy they are, and don't be surprised if they turn their negative attention toward you.

Last Words

Our lives on planet earth are so very short, so do everything within your power to spend time around people who lift you up.

If for any reason, you find yourself swimming in a sea of misery when around another person, you should definitely think twice about getting involved.

Also, after reading the above words, you may find that you may own some of these toxic behaviors. The beauty is that we all have the power to assess our actions and choose to face them head on. It's the first beautiful step to a completely new outlook on life.

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