My Favorite Winter Sunless Tanning Products to Keep Your Glow!


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I take protecting my skin from sun damage very seriously, but I have to say I'm a huge fan of sunless tanners throughout the year. As the years have passed, I've tried several sunless tanners in an effort to find the best ones to fit my needs.

My criteria for sunless tanners includes:

  1. They must be non-toxic.
  2. They've got to look natural... no orange or strange hues, please!
  3. Extra moisture and nurturing/healing ingredients are a huge plus.

I've used the following sunless tanners several times, they all work amazingly well and have added benefits that I'll explain in detail.

#1 - Chocolate Sun Cocoa Face & Body Tanning Cream

I love this formula because it's all-natural and organic to boot! I used this formula constantly while I was pregnant with my babies. It smells delicious and is infused with nurturing ingredients like shea butter, aloe, and coconut oil.

#2 - Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer

This is an affordable and easy way to get a natural-looking and gradual bronze that's packed with moisture. Before drying off in the shower, apply to your wet skin, pat dry, and you're done!

#3 - Million Dollar Tan's Mermaid Mousse

I love this tanner because it's a silky mouse that is quick and easy to apply. I love that it's long-lasting and made with hydrating botanicals that gives the skin a beautiful glow.

#4 - L'OREAL Paris Sublime Bronze

This is a tinted self-tanning water mousse that smells like coconuts! The coconut water is super nourishing and the formula gives your skin a warm, luxurious glow.

#5 - St. Tropez Self Tan Purity Vitamins Bronzing Water Body Mist

I love all of St. Tropez tanning products and have been using them for years. I love this one especially because it's a lightweight serum that's loaded with glow-boosting Vitamin C and Vitamin D. Plus, it smells like a tropical vacation and gives the skin an amazing, enriching glow.

Last Thoughts

You'll notice as you test products that some definitely feel, smell, and work better for you. Sometimes I find that I like to mix things up depending on my needs or mood. There's really no right or wrong in the sunless tanning pursuit... except of course products that are filled with toxins. I highly recommend doing some research on the safest and most nurturing products on the market before making a purchase.

Have a sunless tanning suggestion you'd like to share? Please share in the comments section below! 🙂

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