Musings on Unconditional Love, Acceptance & Our Children


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I want to start off by saying that the last few months have been absolutely heartbreaking for me, yet extremely eye-opening. It's been an important learning experience — both as a mother and an ever-evolving woman trying to better navigate the world around me.

I've learned tons about myself, my friends, and my family. I've also learned a lot about acquaintances, strangers, and the world in which we're all trying to survive and thrive.

Sometimes I've listened in silence (many times in a bit of shock) at the things that people are capable of saying and doing. At other times, I've been vocal when I've felt injustice and bigotry are in the air.

But what I've learned more than anything, is that I want to come from a place of love and acceptance with every word I speak and every action I take.

To me this is what life is all about — it's what I know is going to help guide my children to be loving humans, my family to be whole, and my friendships strong and meaningful.

Kensington Sean Brown

I'm fully convinced that it's our job as parents to teach our children love, acceptance, tolerance, diversity, equality, and inclusion at home. Our children need clear expectations and rules for how they should treat others. Our actions mean everything, as they're watching our every move and listening to every word.

It's about us setting the very best example and revealing why it's important not to bully, to speak poorly about their friends, or treat another human being poorly for the color of their skin, sexual orientation, religion, or any other perceived difference.

We're all equal and one.

We need to teach them to share, to be patient, and kind. We need to create opportunities for them to learn how to show love towards others and guide them with sensitivity and unconditional love.

By promoting openness, empathy, and compassion for others through both actions and words, we teach them to respect every human being.

As parents, I strongly believe we need to adopt a more open mindset and outlook. It's about exposing our children to different cultures and points of view.

Encouraging tolerance and acceptance are about us as parents being willing to educate ourselves about other people's lives and experiences and inspiring our children to do the same.

My hope is that we can all break down self-imposed barriers and allow ourselves to think more broadly. If we teach our children to do the same from the time they can remember, we're setting them up to make the world a better, happier, and safer place. We're also giving them a strong foundation for being positive and confident adults.

Let's do our best.

Let's do better.

Seek to learn from our mistakes and grow, not only for ourselves but for the next generation.

Let's dare to lead by example and be mindful of our words and actions — remembering that our little ones are listening to every word we say,  watching our every action, and then emulating us in their daily lives.

Let's love our babies so much that they go into the world with hearts burning so bright with unconditional love.

We owe it to them and the world they will create.

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