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Most Romantic Zodiac Signs & What We Can Learn from Them


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The world of astrology has a lot to say about romance and its connection to specific zodiac signs. While it's not officially considered a science, throughout the centuries it has many times proven to be an accurate summation of human beings.

So let's have a bit of fun with it all!

I've been doing some research on the most romantic signs (according to leading astrologers) and here are my findings:

Most Romantic Water Signs

Pisces and Cancers take the cake for water signs where romance is concerned. They tend to crave meaningful love connections and will go to great lengths to find "their person."

"If you think of every cheesy, romantic movie, or love song out there, there's most likely a Pisces behind it," recently wrote a leading astrologist. These creatures are ruled by Neptune and often have a clear vision of their ideal partner in their minds.

Cancers are also noted as equally romantic. They are moon babies who love to nurture their partners and be nurtured in return. Crabs tend to be pure-hearted givers and extremely honest lovers. They crave to be wholly accepted and cherished, as they truly want to build a life and home with a solid foundation.

Less evolved Pisces and Cancers can get a bit carried away with relationships in the beginning. This leads to them forgetting their self-care routines. It's important for them to seek balance and to find a partner who wants to settle down.

Most Romantic Air Signs

It has been said that Libra is 110% romantic! They are ruled by Venus and usually crave a deep and passionate connection with a partner. Libras love affection and crave to have their senses piqued.

Their love language usually includes giving romantic gifts like suprise trips to far-off places, delicious smelling perfumes, and little reminders that they're paying attention to their partner's deepest wishes and desires.

Libras crave equality and want to make the world a better place. So they appreciate a partner who has a great sense of purpose — one who thinks deeply about their place in the world and how to make existence better for everyone else.

Aquarius comes a distant second to Libra's flair for love and romance. They tend to be extremely picky about their partners and can be more self-absorbed than Libras.

It can take an Aquarius a bit of time to settle down. They may meet a variety of potential partners along their journey but will tend to go in another direction when they realize they haven't met their ultimate love. But, once they find THEIR PERSON, they can commit for life and be extremely romantic.

Air Signs by nature love to communicate and think deeply about existence. This often plays an important part in their ability to romance and be romanced. If you're willing to go deep, you're in for a sensual adventure with these dynamic beings.

Most Romantic Earth Signs

Taurus has been noted by astrologers as the most romantic earth sign in the galaxy. They tend to be just as loving and romantic as Libras.

When in love, they are also amazing gift-givers, enjoy treating their lovers to amazing food, and can be found composing beautiful notes and letters to their objects of affection.

Bulls, like most other earth signs, seek stability. This means establishing a deep, lasting connection with a lover who wants a mind, body, and soul connection. Once these bases are covered, the Taurus' sensual side comes out in full force. They love to massage and be massaged back — and to make slow, sensual love.

Capricorn takes a distant second to Taurus. They are known to be a bit more self-focused in nature. Financial security and career usually come first to them, so if they experience a setback, they have been known to shut down and sometimes wander off to greener pastures.

As lovers, Capricorns need to be given lots and lots of confidence. They thrive off of positive feedback, which serves to inspire them to be sensual and giving. Make fun of them or belittle them, and you'll probably be in the dog house!

Earth Signs make excellent partners. They tend to be rooted, secure, and enjoy making a home with a partner they can trust. When you dive into a relationship with one, you'll find that as things solidify they become more and more sensual.

Most Romantic Fire Signs

The Leo is by far the most romantic fire sign. When they fall, they tend to shower their partners with extremely extravagant gifts. If you've dreamed of a partner who brings you flowers every single day, you've hit the jackpot with a Leo.

These frisky lions tend to be quite sexy and crave variety between the sheets. They also usually have a deep-seated need for adoration. They want to be noted as the very best at whatever they undertake, and this includes being somewhat of a hero in their partnership.

The downside of some less evolved Leos is that they have a propensity for being a bit (or a lot) self-absorbed. At first, their confidence and bold demeanor can be an extreme turn-on, but sometimes it can turn overwhelming.

Aries and Sagittarius equally trail behind as second to Leos in romance. They are "go big or go home" sorts of creatures that can easily woo their partners at the beginning of a relationship.

Both Aries and Sagittarius tend to have boundless energy and have a propensity for seduction. This can amazing for those they chase down, but if for any reason their object of affection turns overly possessive, they have been known to run for the hills.

Relationships with fire signs is an art! These bold and passionate souls bring tons of life to a relationship.

They can commit to relationships but must be treated with care. They need to feel as though they are the master of their own journey to some extent. Their best partner is one who will give them lots of space, while still being able to stay mentally and physically connected.

Last Words

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule where life and romance are concerned. If your sign isn't mentioned above, don't feel too bad! There's so much that goes into the world of astrology, and I'll take time to dig deeper into it in future posts.

If you'd like to see your entire birth chart and what it all means, click here for a free and fun tool.

What about you? Do you see any correlations with your own love life above? It would be fun to hear your thoughts and stories.

Please share below 🙂

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