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10 Morning Sickness Remedies That Actually Work


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10 Morning Sickness Remedies That Actually Work

Morning sickness was a tough reality for me during my first pregnancy with my daughter Kensington. For 14 weeks, I would wake up feeling pretty horrible! Most days I would have waves of nausea that would come and go out of nowhere. I’m still unsure why it is actually called “morning sickness” when in reality it lasts all day long, even into the night.

I did a bit of research and discovered that morning sickness usually begins around weeks 4 through 6, peaking between weeks 8 and 10, and usually eases up around weeks 13-14, but in severe cases can last the entire duration of the pregnancy. My heart goes out to those poor mamas!

The nausea was a bit overwhelming at times, but thankfully I had many girlfriends and family members who went through the same thing — they shared their remedies with me and some of them worked amazingly well.

10 Morning Sickness Remedies You May Want to Try

I compiled a list for you, hoping that they help ease your discomfort. But one word of caution… please consult your doctor before trying any of them.

#1 - Use a combination of saltine crackers and ginger ale.

I would eat crackers and drink ginger ale in the morning before I lifted my head from the pillow. I would keep a box of saltine crackers next to my bed. Every morning, I would eat two or three and then take a few sips of cold ginger ale with ice that my husband would bring to me. It seemed to soak up the acid in my stomach and made me feel so much better!

#2 - Preggie Pop Drops.

These were my go-to and seemed to always help ease the nausea for me. I would keep them in my purse and take them everywhere I went and would pop one in my mouth when I felt the nausea coming on. They are all-natural and made with essential oils. They’re super yummy too!

#3 - Good old fashion bread.

Bread soaks up acid, plain and simple. Really, any kind of bread did the job. My dad would drive over and deliver me a bagel with cream cheese almost every morning of my first trimester. It was such a beautiful gesture and kept us connected each and every day!

#4 - Vitamin B6.

Per the suggestion of my doctor, I took 50mg a day. Carlson Vitamin B6 is a great option. You place a dose under your tongue and hold for 60-90 seconds, and it goes right into your bloodstream.

#5 - Acupuncture.

I personally did not get acupuncture, but many of my friends swear by it. They say it greatly helps ease nausea. Again, make sure you clear this with your Obstetrician.

#6 - Fresh ginger.

Like I said I drank ginger ale, but I also sucked on ginger chews and ate fresh shredded ginger on a regular basis. When my hubby would order sushi, he would make sure to get extra fresh ginger for me! I would also use the fresh ginger and make a tea and add delicious local organic honey to it.

#7 - Magnesium.

I drank “Natural Calm” every night before bed. I found out about taking magnesium later in my pregnancy, but when I combined it with B6, it worked wonders. I’ve heard this from many women.

#8 - Eating many small meals throughout the day.

I found that constantly having food in my system helped keep my nausea away. I always kept snacks in my purse to make sure I never had an empty stomach.

#9 - Staying hydrated.

My cousin had severe morning sickness and swore by drinking a gallon of water throughout the day. Staying hydrated during your pregnancy has tremendous benefits for both you and your baby!

#10 - Bone Broth.

My sister-in-law had horrible nausea while pregnant with my twin nephews. She could barely keep anything down besides bone broth. She would drink it every morning and constantly throughout the day. Bone broth is delicious, calming to the stomach, and full of incredible nutrients that helps the fetus build healthy organs. Bare Bones Bone Broth is a quick and easy way for you to benefit from bone broth's benefits.

Last Thoughts…

I think the secret is to find the perfect combo that works for you. Talk to your doctor first, let him or her know what you’re wanting to try, and then go for it!

Just remember that if you take action and develop a plan of attack, you’ll feel so much better. Whatever you do, don’t think you’re stuck feeling horrible. Sending you my love and prayers.

You’ve got this!

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